Log Line :
“What would happen if the Gunpowder Plot had never gone away ? – “The resurrected Religious based Plot meets the “ Bourne Conspiracy” in this 21st Century thriller based on long forgotten English history, but with very modern, and terrifying, implications for mankind.”

Running Time:
(Estimated) 100 Minutes Budget (Estimated) £5m – £7m

UK (London, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Kent) USA (Washington, Virginia)

Synopsis : England 1605. The Protestant James First ascends the throne of England. Guy Fawkes and his Catholic conspirators plan to blow up the houses of parliament to place James’ Catholic daughter Elizabeth on the throne. The plot fails, the conspirators are all caught and executed.. except one.. who flees to Spain, where the St Anselm society keeps the torch of the Catholic supremacy burning….however long it might take.

400 years pass, and a body is found under Blackfriars Bridge in London – a carbon copy of the notorious 1981 Roberto Calvi affair. Sharp investigative journalist Nick Bailey and police detective Samantha Walsh, realise a link with 3 other mysterious deaths of priests in the last few weeks.

What they discover, in the supposed dusty pages of English History that is horrifyingly brought to life in the 21st Century. Is a plot that threatens the whole world, which comes to its’ breathless climax on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington.

Can it be that ancient English history still has the power to depose Kings and even Presidents? The South Lawn Plot has drama, action and a fast moving story line guaranteed to keep the audience on the edges of their seats