“BulletFist” is a story of Martial Arts, loyalty, action and tragedy all set against the background of Texas in the 1880’s. Into these lawless times come three men, all with deep secrets, each with a hidden agenda:- “The Preacher” whose fist was faster that a bullet, and whose enemies called him “King Boot”, never without his Bible in his hand- even when fighting; “The Stranger” who spoke only through his fists and remains an enigma; and “The Colonel” a disgraced former English army officer, bounty hunter, lover of fine wines and exotic massages, never without his travelling companions, a small round Mexican -“Pancho”- and his ridiculously large, but surprisingly versatile, Elephant Gun he calls “Nigel“!
Together this unlikely crew, each for their own reasons need to find the evil “Black Lotus Gang” and its head – “The Master. They search, and after battles won against seemingly impossible odds, they finally locate “The Master” and his gang, only to discover, when the chips are down, that each of the three, is not what they seem.
In a series of desperate adventures, defying death, and surviving impossible situations, the three reach an unexpected conclusion to their quest. Allies become enemies, enemies become friends , and happiness becomes tragedy in this fast moving, fast acting , stunt filled, Martial Arts action Western, that tells the story of “Bulletfist- The Legend of King Boot”